Ice Harbor Brewery and Pub

An engineer, a cashier, a lawyer and a teacher walked into a pub . . . no, it's not a joke. This is where the magic happens, at our almost original location in historic downtown Kennewick. Here you'll find good pub food, our award-winning beers, and people from all walks of life sharing a love of fine, hand-crafted ales and lagers. (There's a home brew shop, too!)

Ice Harbor at the Marina

For an upscale dining experience, come visit Ice Harbor at the Marina on Clover Island. It's our newest location, but it has already developed a style and following all its own. With a more extensive menu, a full-service bar, and the same great beers as our Brewery/Pub, you can enjoy great food and the great weather on our patio. See you soon!

Ice Harbor Brewing Company|Kennewick, WA

“Once upon a time . . .”

Most great stories start this way, and ours is no exception. When the owners of a small microbrewery in Pasco decided they’d rather focus on the packaging aspect of brewing, Mike Hall and Bill Jaquish used it as an opportunity to take their own intense love of home brewing to the next level. As a result, in 1997 Ice Harbor Brewing was born. Word got out quickly among beer aficionados about the little brewery in the Columbia Basin that was making really great beer. By 2004, demand for our beer coupled with Mike and Bill’s desire to provide a true pub experience to their customers led to Ice Harbor Brewing moving to its current location in historic downtown Kennewick. Three short years later, we opened Ice Harbor at the Marina to provide our ever-growing customer base with a more upscale dining option on Clover Island.

Each location has its own charm and character. Visiting the Brewery and Pub is like coming to the neighborhood bar of yore, where everybody gathers to share a love and appreciation of fine, hand-crafted beers. It’s a great place to hang out and relax with friends. The waterfront location of Ice Harbor at the Marina has an extensive menu, a full-service bar, and outdoor dining to take advantage of the wonderful weather along the Columbia River.

No matter which location you choose, you’ll always be greeted as family, because that’s what Mike and Bill have created—a family of friends that we are proud to serve and look forward to serving for a long time to come!

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