• India Winter Ale
    Our current seasonal 22 oz. bottles is the India Winter Ale.

22 oz. Beers

  • Year Round 22 oz. bottles

    Hop Warrior
    This strong IPA is a hop lover's dream. The smooth but intense bitterness comes mostly from Columbus and Northern Brewer hops. Late addition Cascade hops and dry hopping with Cascade and Amarillo hops help give this beer a complex character and aroma. This IPA is delicately balanced with a medium maltiness that complements without detracting from your hoppy experience.

    Silver Medal Winner at the 2006 North American Beer Awards

    Color: Golden
    Aroma: Malty, hoppy
    Body: Medium
    Taste: Malty with assertive bitterness
    Style: American India Pale Ale
    Malts: 2-Row, 15L crystal, carapils
    Hops: Columubs, Northern Brewer, Cascade, Carapils
    Bitterness: 65 IBUs
    Alcohol: 7.5%
    Original Gravity: 1.073
  • Seasonal

    Tangerine Hefeweizen
    Extended cold conditioning is used to develop the dry finish characteristic of lager beers, and yet retains the fruitiness found in ales. The lower alcohol content makes this a very refreshing, thirst-quenching ale. The Columbia Kölsch is our best-selling draft beer.

    Winner of People’s Choice Best of Show Award for Best Microbrewery at the Tri-Cities À La Carte Festival.
    Winner of People’s Choice Award at the 1998 Hop Rod Brew Fest, Mabton, Wash.
    Gold Medal Winner at the 2007 North American Beer Awards

    Color: Golden
    Aroma: Fruity, spicy
    Body: Light
    Taste: Fruity with a slightly dry finish
    Style: A top-fermented German Kölsch
    Bitterness: 21 IBUs
    Alcohol: 4.4%
    Fresh Hop IPA
    An IPA with the balance of our regular IPA. In addition to traditional kettle hopping and dry hopping, this Fresh Hop beer was made using mash hopping, first wort hopping and a hop back. Twelve pounds of fresh Amarillo and Centennial hops per keg give this IPA an explosion of fresh hop flavor.

    The Ice Harbor Brewing Fresh Hop Ale won a bronze medal for the 3rd consecutive year at the Fresh Hop Ale Festival in Yakima.

    Alcohol: 7.5%
    India Winter Ale
    Combining the best of Winter Ales and IPAs our IWA is a strong malty amber ale with a slight hint of roasted notes. It is balanced like our IPA with a very assertive hop bitterness and the strong citrusy aroma of Cascade hops.

    Color: Amber
    Aroma: Malty, hoppy
    Body: Medium
    Taste: Roasted notes
    Style: Strong Ale
    Malts: 2-row, 15L crystal, carapils, roasted
    Hops: Northern Brewer, Cascade
    Bitterness: 55 IBUs
    Alcohol: 7.5%
    Original Gravity: 1.078